Unattached! What Do You Love Most About​ ​Being Single?

As the number of divorces increase more men and​ ​women are deciding its better to remain single.​ ​Young people are less likely to marry then their​ ​parents, and more likely to have multiple sex partners​ ​in uncommitted relationships. Michael examines this​ ​new dynamic and asks his audience, Is Single Life​ ​Better?

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  • I was married. I married a woman with a child. That was the ” KISS OF DEATH” to my happiness. “Marriage kills sex and having children buries sex.” Now that I am single again, every day i wake up I am glad my ex-wife is not there. I listened to you when you were on radio for many years. I invite you to look me up on P.S. I think you will be glad you did. Lance L. Diesel

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