Living Your Dream Wednesday


The Michael Baisden Show turns into a battle of the sexes when men and women call in to debate over which partner should lead in the relationship and whether men’s roles have to change in this new economy. Tamara G, says, she prefer the traditional role but Comedian George Willborn says men are being emasculated and carry babies on their backs. Should women take charge in their relationships or so as Michael says “Hike The Ball!” Hilarious.


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  • Dear Mr. Baisden, Staff and Co-hosts of The Michael Baisden Show,

    I was listening to your program today, Tuesday, April 4, 2017, and your appeal to listeners to Live Your Dream, with your help, convinced me to respond. You said something I hope is true, what good is your growing fan base if you can’t do something with it to help other people. With that in mind, I’m asking you to share my YouTube channel address ( ) with your listeners because I believe we are of a like-mind regarding the important issues you regularly discuss on your program. I’m a veteran broadcast journalist – a member of NABJ who was one of the many who spoke with you and George following your presentation at our Philadelphia convention in 2011. Your comments during that presentation were inspirational then, but, your comments on the radio today have pushed me to reach out for the help you’ve offered to take my YouTube entrepreneurship to a higher level. I have a growing subscriber base which is purely organic. I don’t advertise. I don’t solicit. I don’t promote any products or agendas. To date, I’ve simply posted 125 videos of my work as a news manager, reporter and anchor in the Boston and Washington, DC markets – work featuring well-known individuals such as Bobby Brown ( ), James Brown ( ), Vanessa Williams ( ), and B.B. King ( ). However, also included are stories about people trying to improve the world around them, such as the gang whisperer ( ), the neighborhood group encouraging more black male role models in our schools ( ), and the homeless woman whose path to stability is a beacon of hope for others ( ). My postings date back as far as 30 years ago and they’ve actually become sort of a video encyclopedia for many who come across them. I have hundreds more I can add to the channel if a bump in subscribers and views creates the latitude for me to devote more time and energy to this endeavor. My ultimate goal is to generate fresh content from my base here in the nation’s capital. One idea I’m considering developing is a series featuring views of Life in Trump’s America – the view of those affected from the bottom up in juxtaposition of those from the top down. A shout out from The Michael Baisden Show would go a long way in propelling me toward making this dream happen. Thank you for your consideration and for establishing the platform.

    A regular listener on WHUR-FM,

    Marcus E. Jones
    a.k.a. VideoCollectables / YouTube Channel Entrepreneur
    Dumfries, Virginia

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