Did You Know? Wednesday’s Show Talks About Identity Theft, Wills and Agreements

Most people think they know the details about the agreements they enter into, whether it’s home insurance signing a contract of marriage, or having a Will. And you’d be shocked by how many people don’t know their rights when it comes to dealing with the police. Michael enlists the help of experts to educate his listeners.

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  • Hi Michael – I enjoy listening to your show, but have yet to hear you and your cast speak on the fact that governments and credit card companies are declaring a “war on cash”. Over the last few months I’ve been reading more and more news articles on this subject. Just last November, India’s Prime Minister declared a war on cash making almost all of the cash in his country worthless. Now, mind you, and outside of China, India is a county with most of the worlds population – 1.3 billion people and about have back in November didn’t have a bank account. Yesterday, July 12th, there was a news article in the New York Times stating that Visa has declared a war on cash. In 2010, Master Charge had declared a war on cash in 2010.

    I just wanted to hear you and your cast thoughts on this topic.

    Thank you.

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