Dating Successful Women

Dating is challenging enough these days, but when adding money, the issues it can really become complicated. Men are used to being the breadwinners and having all the power that goes along with it. But times are changing, and women are becoming economically independent and in come cases out-earn their men. Wait until you hear what they told Michael about how men are responding.

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  • Well Michael, this topic has been my passion for the past 8 years! I definitely think that unless we modify our thinking as a society and begin to embrace these relationships, we are in for a tough road. I cringed when I heard someone on the episode say they’re “settling “ if they choose a man who earns less. THAT right there has to change. We no longer live in a society that can validate a man or judge a man’s worth by his paycheck. That’s no longer practical. If we don’t evolve , the institution of marriage and the American family may truly be at risk!

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